Nos clients

Mr. Henry Kravis

“My wife and I have been participating in shoots at La Nava for many years and have found Javier Medem and his team to be as professional as any team I have encountered. The birds are incredibly challenging with a wide variety of terrain, the house is extremely comfortable with superb service, and the food is excellent. All in all, it is an incredible experience for anyone that likes shooting red-legged partridge and wants a real challenge.”
La Nava Mr. Henry Kravis

Mr. Olivier Dassault

“For me La Nava is one of the few places I can call home. I have been coming here for thirty years, I have seen it expand under Javier´s leadership and inspiration although I, as well as many hunters who have come here, may have made a few suggestions along the way which hopefully helped La Nava blossom. La Nava raised partridge shooting to an art form with astonishin professionalism as well as a sense of poetry.”
La Nava Mr. Olivier Dassault