Nature, tradition, exclusivity and the cutting-edge.

La Nava del Barranco

Located in Castilla La Mancha, the sheer expanse of nature at La Nava stretches out for thousands of hectares. It's steep and uneven terrain creates the perfect valleys, ideal for partridge shooting.

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The most original and exclusive hunting since 1950.

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Partridge hunting.

La Nava, recognized worldwide for partridge hunting.

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A destination where you’ll feel at home.

Our only boundary is your imagination.

Our runway

La Nava has its own private runway, ‘La Perdiz,’ which receives domestic and international flights. The most important business aircrafts land here: Falcon, Gulfstream, Global Express, Citazion to name but a few.

It’s never too far

Thanks to its runway, La Nava lets you easily escape from the city - just two hours away from Paris, Rome or London and only six hours away from New York.

Logistical Information

This section is specifically designed for pilots and airlines where you can view and download all the necessary documentation in order to use the runway.

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