Partridge Shooting.


Hunting Season

During open season, from September 15 to March 31, La Nava offers the most successful hunters in the world, the opportunity to enjoy excellent partridge shooting.

The Partridges

Our commitment to you is quality partridge and the key to this lies within energy, passion and speed. To fulfill our promise, our team carefully controls the feeding and health of our partridges 365 days a year.

The Shoots

Variety, rhythm and character, are words that best describe our shoots. Designed and perfected with over 25 years of collective experience and the valuable feedback from some of the most experienced shooters in the world.

Qualified Staff

Young, professional and dynamic, our assistants, secretarios, loaders and drivers will ensure that your only concern is to aim, shoot and enjoy yourself.

Traditional Hunting

Tradition is important to us and at La Nava we keep certain customs alive, such as serving and eating lunch outside on the fields, driving the birds with horses, using trained hunting dogs to pick up the birds, and using shooting pegs made from natural wood and vegetation.