Environmental Commitments.

We are committed to paying special attention to everything related to protected species within our enclosures, especially the Iberian lynx. When there’s evidence of this species in our enclosures, we pay special attention to increase efforts in monitoring control measures of predators. During hunting season we warn hunters of their presence to avoid any possible accidents.

We are committed to keeping active feeders and waterers all year round at the estates we manage, to help the development of rabbit and partridge populations - an essential staple food of protected species.

We are committed to not hunting rabbit during mid-season or during open hunting season when we notice that their populations are clearly reduced. We’ll only proceed with hunting when we believe there is a high enough population so hunting doesn’t compromise the basic livelihood of protected species.

We are committed to always maintaining the countryside in good condition, picking up and disposing of any used cases and cartridges, plus any other waste or rubbish left behind by hunters.

We are committed to maintaining an active reserve throughout the year.

We demonstrate our willingness to work with the Administration on the approval of new predator control systems, and to address any request for collaboration that the Administration requires at any given time.

We are committed to working with the Administration to eradicate the loose non-genetically pure red partridges.

We are committed to farming in accordance with the proper development of rabbit and partridge populations to try and increase their populations.

We are committed to providing accurate statistics, focusing on certain individuals and species that could become trapped in the traps authorized for predator control.

We are committed to exposing the use of poisons by any member of the hunting community, if it comes to our attention.

We are committed to creating our natural reserve using sensitive methods and systems of predator control for all types of environmental issues related to game management.

We are committed to periodically analyzing the health status of repopulated partridges. In this regard, we also are committed to informing the Administration of any detected unusual anomaly.

We are committed to working with the Administration to increase and enhance wild populations of red partridge. We offer to take part in forums and conferences when needed.

We offer the land and enclosures of our estates to the Administration, in order for them to develop any studies and research related to commercial hunting.

We are committed to minimizing and optimizing resource consumption of daily activities such as electricity, water and paper.

We are committed to taking into account the environmental constraints and recyclability of fabrics or materials used.

We are committed to take all necessary measures to prevent forest fires.

Social Commitments.

We are committed to hiring a minimum of 40 people per day of hunting.

We are committed to having all employees of our company legally employed and regulated.

We are committed to promoting the economic development of towns near our estates and enclosures by trying to use their products and services.

We are committed to promoting a code of good practice in our industry, with the aim of ensuring these practices among environmental conservation and social and rural development.

With the aim of strengthening industry in Spain, we are committed to act decisively and solve any problem of deception or fraud that any member of our guild may have committed with a national or foreign client.

We are committed to representing and enhancing the image of Spain to all our foreign clients.