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Partridge shooting in Spain began in the late nineteenth century. A few years later, King Alfonso XIII, thanks to his great hobby, managed to get the most important families of the era involved in this type of hunting. Thus paving the way forward for all hunting property owners who have carried this tradition forward to this day.

After the reign of Alfonso XIII, he was determined to push for and carry on the tradition of partridge shooting. In his efforts he created numerous hunting reserves and achieved truly impressive results with his hunts.

Committed to the past, present and future of partridge hunting, the Medem family has helped spread knowledge and awareness of this activity with the publication of their book "100 Years of Partridge Shooting" and today, La Nava offers the possibility of enjoying the full tradition of this art.

Javier Medem

Javier Medem.

The Medem Family

Having been engaged with traditional partridge shooting in Spain for decades, the Medem family have been part of most important national organized hunts from well known figures of the wide international hunting scene. Today Javier Medem, together with his wife, Almudena keep the family spirit of the business and the foundations and traditions of hunting alive.

Get to know our team
Javier y Almudenar

Javier and Almudena


Javier Medem and Almudena del Moral are the owners of La Nava and have worked together since they first met. Javier is the General Director, and Almudena is responsible for interpreting the personal tastes and desires of each client, made evident by every little detail at La Nava.

Gonzalo Zamacola

Gonzalo Zamácola

Hunting Director

Gonzalo is Field and Hunting Director at La Nava. He manages the shoots, and he assist the coordination of the different departments of the company.

Beatriz Pastrana

Beatriz Pastrana

Director of Events

With over 25 years’ experience in the luxury sector, Beatriz is responsible for complementing the experience of La Nava through non-game events.

Pedro Prieto

Pedro Prieto

Director of Logistics and Purchasing

Pedro is responsible for the logistics of hunting groups. He also manages the team of drivers and is in charge of weapons. He has worked at La Nava since 2003.

Margarita Vivar

Margarita Vivar

House Director

Margarita has worked at La Nava for over 20 years. She directs the entire house team, and ensures that our guests feel at home.

Gwenola Herrena

Gwenola Herrera

Coordinator of Groups and the Airstrip

Gwenola coordinates the operation of the runway and hunting groups, facilitating the licensing, insurance, weapons, and any necessary management for the success of your hunt. She has worked with us since 2005.

Marie de Villemandy

Marie de Villemandy

Administration and Accounting

Marie manages the department of administration and finance for La Nava.

Miguel Angel Sanchez

Miguel Ángel Sanchez

Keeper Manager

Miguel Angel leads the field team so that the property is always in perfect condition. He also monitors the health status of huntable species at La Nava.