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Reservations and Administration.

What information does La Nava need to organize my shoot?

La Nava needs some preliminary information to organize the shoot and logistics of all hunters. Please follow the steps below in order to provide us with such information. The first thing we need to know is whether you will come with or without guns. Please answer the following questionnaire and send it to

1) If you are coming without guns:

Fill out the questionnaire with your personal information and send it to

Send a copy of your passport to

2) If you are coming with guns:


1) Check your European Gun License is valid for the dates of you will be shooting.

2) Check that the guns you wish to bring with you are properly registered on your European Firearm Pass.

3) Send a copy of the questionnaire with your personal information to

4) Send a copy of your passport to

5) Send a copy of your European Firearm Pass and Gun License from your country of residence to

(As a resident of the European Union, you can bring a maximum of 6 guns, all of them need to be registered on your European Firearm Pass.)


1) Go to the nearest Consulate of Spain , and request a permission to travel to Spain with your guns.

For any questions, contact with

2) Send a copy of the authorisation of the Consulate of Spain to

3) Send a copy of the questionnaire with your personal information to

4) Send a copy of your passport and of your Gun License from your country to (As a resident outside the European Union, you can bring up to 3 guns, all of which must be authorized by the Consulate of Spain.)

With how much time in advanced shall I book my shooting trip?

If we have availability, up to 24 hours in advance. However we are usually booked from one year to another. If you want to shoot on some specific dates, we recommend you contact us as soon as possible in order to be able to book your requested dates.

What if I need to cancel my dates?

In case you are finally not able to come on your chosen dates, we will try to find a slot in that same season which suits you. You can look at our cancelation conditions below. However, at La Nava, satisfying our clients is one of the reasons we are well known for, which is why we will apply a cancellation policy that both sides can agree to.

Do we need a hunting license and insurance?

Yes, but we deal with processing this information once we have all your required details.


Do I have to bring my own guns?

It´s not necessary, La Nava offers a wide range of over-and-under and side-by-side guns, in 12, 20, and 28 gauge, that you can easily borrow during your stay.

Do I have to bring cartridges?

No, La Nava will provide you with the cartridges you need. If there is any cartridge you would like in particular, please let us know in advance so we can provide them for you.

Do I have to bring gun sleeves or other gun equipment?

No, La Nava provides you with gun sleeves, cartridge bags, loading equipment, umbrellas, side screens… There’s no need to bring any other equipment unless you wish to.

Do I need to wear waterproof clothes?

There is no need. Besides that it’s very unusual to have bad weather during your stay at La Nava, we are more than happy to lend any waterproof equipment such as boots, umbrellas, waterproof trousers, caps and hats.

What kind of clothes should I bring? Is there a Dress Code?

During the shoot, we recommend you wear comfortable outdoor clothing suitable for the countryside. Sometimes the host chooses a specific Dress Code that will be communicated to you in advance. Dinners are served in a very elegant manner, so we recommend wearing a blazer at least. However, at La Nava we don’t impose any Dress Code, so it is all completely up to you.

Do I have to wear boots?

No, even if it’s raining you can use outdoor shoes. There’s no need for rain boots plus, we can always lend you some too.

Do I need a hair dryer?

No, all rooms are equipped with hair dryers and any other toiletries you might need.


Do you include transportation from the airport to the estate?

Transportation is included using our organization's own cars, which are usually all-terrain Toyota or Mercedes Viano vehicles. If you wish to be picked up in a specific vehicle, such as a Mercedes S Class, La Nava is responsible for setting this up and it will be charged separately, however you would have to let us know in advance.

When I get to the airport, will there be someone to pick-up us up?

Yes, the staff of La Nava will pick you up at the airport as soon as you arrive and drive you to the house.

If I bring my own guns, how should I handle the weapon inspection?

La Nava staff who will pick you up at the airport knowing about managing the gun Inspection of the Guardia Civil, and will handle the necessary documentation. If you arrive before your stay at La Nava, our staff will still help you pass the gun Inspection and will ensure that your guns are available at La Nava upon your arrival.

How far is the private airstrip from the house?

Our runway is 20 minutes away from the house.

If I arrive to Madrid airport, is it worth chartering a private plane or helicopter to get to La Nava from Madrid?

You’ll only save 45 minutes and from our point of view, it’s not worth hiring a plane or helicopter.

If I land in Granada, is it worth renting a helicopter?

From Granada, it’s worth flying by helicopter because you will save 1hr 15mins.

What schedule does the runway have?

The runway operates on the “sunrise-sunset” schedule.

Runway schedule
Do you manage private flights?

Yes, at La Nava we have special agreements with companies who know the runway well and can handle any type of flight that you may need.

Can I bring my own chef, designer, personal assistant, security, etc.?

If you wish to we have no problem with it.

Where do the pilots stay?

Pilots are lodged where you decide. Our advice is that they stay at a hotel nearby the property, as they usually prefer to be independent during your stay.

Staying at La Nava.

What are the best rooms at the house?

All rooms at La Nava provide maximum comfort. They all have their own bathrooms The order of the best rooms (from our point of view) goes as follows: 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 8, 13 and 14. Rooms 11 and 12 are connected internally and rooms 13 and 14 are accessed from the outside.

House Plan
What is the weather like at La Nava?

Throughout the season we usually enjoy sunny and dry weather. October is mainly quite a warm month, with an average of 24 ° C. November is warm too, with an average of 20 ° C. December and January are usually various degrees cooler, ranging between 5-15 ° C. In February, temperatures rise again to about 12 to 18 ° C.

Is there internet at the house?

Yes, at La Nava there’s free, secure wifi available throughout the house (no password needed).

Are massages included?


Can I choose a menu outside of the suggestions?

Before your arrival, our staff will contact you to propose our menu suggestions during your stay, depending on seasonal products and the chef’s suggestions. However, if you would like anything outside of our recommendations, simply let us know and our kitchen team will be more than happy to provide it for you.


Can you adapt the menu for any allergies or specific diseases?

Yes, you just have to let us know in advance so we can offer a customized menu to whomever may need it.

Can I bring my own wine?

Yes, you can bring any wine you wish. La Nava will give you a fine choice of Spanish wines, all first class. However, if you rather have foreign wines, you can bring or request them.

Can we stay an extra night and leave the next day without shooting?

If we have the availability and there’s no reservation for a group between that afternoon and the next morning, you can stay one more night and leave on the following morning without shooting. We recommend you communicate your intentions to stay whilst booking your dates so we can try to organize it as well as possible.

Can you organize some kind of night event?

Yes, if you wish we can bring over a group of casual flamenco, or a group of professional flamenco dancers, casinos, magicians, singers…


What is the best time of year for shooting?

As they are all different, no time is better than any other. It depends on what you are looking for. In any case, the weather can change from one day to another, so it’s very difficult to choose what the best time is. Each month of the hunting season carries its own unique characteristics which makes it appealing.

What is the schedule of a shooting day?

Whatever you decide. Our advice is to have breakfast at 8.30am, go to the fields at 9:15 a.m., do two drives, have tapas in the fields, do two more drives, eat lunch in the fields, and decide during lunch if whether you want to keep shooting during the afternoon or rest for what’s left of the day. On the departure day, we usually do 4 drives in the morning, have lunch in the house and departure after lunch.

What types of shoots are there at La Nava?

La Nava offers different types of shoots depending on the preferences of the guests. We consider it essential to include a wide variety of drives to shoot partridges. But as usual at La Nava, we adapt to the taste of the shooters. At your arrival we will ask you what kind of shoot you are expecting, and we will design the best drives depending on your taste to make the best out of your time with us!

If we don’t shoot any partridges, what happens?

We have two types of contract, open and closed. In the closed contract, you tell us exactly how many partridges you want to kill, and making this happen is our responsibility, so you won’t be charged. If the contract is open, you tell us roughly how many partridges you want to shoot, or you don’t want to limit the number and can kill as many partridges as possible. We accommodate whichever type of hunting you want. If you tell us a specific number of partridges, we’ll accommodate the type of shoots and pace of the hunt based on your needs.

What additional services can complement our trip?

If desired, we can hire other professional staff such as photographers, film makers, gun manufacturer and private ’Show Rooms’ for hunting clothing brands etc. All these services must be requested in advance in order to arrange and guarantee them.

Shooting instructors:

We have two types of shooting instructors: Some are qualified shooting teachers, who charge about 1,000 € for the first day and 700 € for the second (if they are consecutive) and we can hire them to be present during the shoot. We also have some assistants who are not qualified instructors but know the shooting techniques and can help you improve during your stay. They are part of the staff at La Nava and they suppose no extra cost.

What can non-shooting guests do during their stay?

We can organize cultural visits to historic towns such as Toledo (1hr 30min drive), Granada (2hr drive), Córdoba (2hr drive) or local tourism in the nearby area, such as Las Virtudes (10min drive), Infantes or Almagro (1hr drive).

Information on Toledo
Information on Granada
Information on Córdoba

What can ladies do during the hunts?

Ladies are very welcome to come along too as La Nava is an organization that takes care of all the details, which makes it a very attractive stay for ladies. Usually they eat breakfast later and join the rest of the group at tapas time. They can ride horses during the shoot, play tennis whenever they wish to, explore the property using our quads or 4x4 vehicles and play golf half an hour away from La Nava (average golf course). There’s also a Spa where they can enjoy massages, beauty treatments, hairdressing, manicures and much more. Finally we offer a gym, a home cinema… The range of possibilities for them to keep busy is endless.

Can I come with my children?

Of course. Children are welcome, and the Spanish law allows children who are 14 years old or above to shoot.

Can I come with my baby?

Of course, there’s no problem, we have "babysitters" who can help take care of your baby during your stay.

How do you count the birds shot?

You will be accompanied at all times by a loader and an secretario. The loader is responsible for making sure your guns are ready at all times, and the secretario will be positioned behind you always. If you wish, they can advise you as to where the partridges are coming from, or they can remain in silence. The secretario will shout out the number of partridges being shot down, or do so silently if you prefer. The secretario will count the number of fallen birds, and those they think are badly wounded. In any case, the assistant has to adapt his method of counting based on the shooters requirement. Ultimately, what matters to us, is the number of birds that the shooter himself tells us he/she has shot. If you are not happy with your loader or secretario, let us know immediately and we will swap him for someone else. If you are not satisfied with the way in which your assistant counts the birds, please let us know as soon as possible so we can do our best to resolve the issue.

Will I have the same secretario and loader during the shoot?

Yes, unless you ask us to change them and of course we will.

Can you combine partridge shooting with stalking or any other hunt?

Yes, we can organize partridge shoots, and then go to our big game hunting area for red stag, wild boar and mouflons. We can even organize big game driven hunts if you request to.

How much does a big game hunt cost?

A big game hunting trip is like a tailored suit. The budget depends on the number of hunters that will join the trip, the quality and amount of the trophies. The price of a big game driven hunt can vary between € 4,000 € and 15,000 € per person per day.

Is there a skeet machine to train the day before or for non-hunting guests to use?

Yes, we have a skeet shooting machine available for you to use.

Can the non-shooting guests join the shoot for a while and shoot in a corner?

We’ll do everything the group leader asks of us, and of course it can be arranged for them to shoot. However, it’s necessary to know in advance so that we can organize their hunting license and insurance.

How many shooters do you recommend to be for a shooting day at La Nava?

We organize shoots from one to twelve pegs. If there are more than twelve shooters, we can split the shooting line into two different groups and organize two simultaneous shooting days. Our recommendation is for the group to be between three and eight hunters.

How many days of shooting do you recommend?

Partridge shooting is a very intense activity. Our advice is to schedule the trip for two days of shooting and two overnight stays. Ideally, you’ll arrive the evening before the shoot and spend your first night at La Nava. On the first day you will have a full shooting day, and on the second day (the day of departure) you can shoot in the morning, eat lunch and then leave. Some groups choose to stay and shoot for up to four days, but from our point of view, they must be experienced and in good physical condition in order to maintain this level of activity. Otherwise, on the fourth day you may feel very tired and your body might be a little sore! Therefore, we believe the best thing is a day and a half of shooting at full intensity.

Do I have to tip?

Each shooter has a secretario and a loader assigned during the shooting days. There is a minimum tip of 75€ to the secretario and 75€ to the loader per day, making a total of 150€ per shooting day. This tip is paid in cash directly to the secretario and loader. The tip for the house, which is absolutely voluntary, is usually 100€ per shooter and per night, and this tip includes all the staff (chefs, keepers, drivers, massages…). You can give this tip either to Javier Medem or to Gonzalo and they will arrange it with the team.


Is there a hospital nearby?

Yes, we have very good hospital a half hour by car.

Do you have first aid?

Yes, we carry a first aid kit with us at all times in hunting vehicles and even carry a defibrillator.