La Nava del Barranco.


La Nava is located in Castilla La Mancha, the land of Don Quixote - the Spanish region which is home to the oldest hunting tradition, partridge hunting in particular. La Nava is within easy reach and by car, is just two hours and fifteen minutes away from Madrid. Access is easy and the area is very well connected.


The Alcázar of Toledo, Alhambra of Granada and Mosque of Córdoba… These are some of the most unique places in the world, less than a two hour drive from La Nava. We organize tourist visits to these cities (and many more) and execute each trip with the same attention to detail as any other activity offered at La Nava.


Thanks to its vast size and unique location, La Nava lets you enjoy different Castilian landscapes without ever having to leave the property.

From the huge expanses of land dominated by endless, ancient olive groves, to the deep valleys and steep ravines covered with mastic trees and rich vegetation, the entire countryside at La Nava is cared for and worked on with total dedication, using a professional method of working and always focusing on organic and sustainable growth.


As La Nava has grown over the years, the facilities have been improving based on the suggestions and needs of our clients.

-The Runway
-Horses and Stables
-Tennis Court
-Skeet Shooting
-Golf Course (15 minutes away)