Big Game.

Hunting in Spain

Spain offers the possibility of hunting all year round. La Nava organizes tailor made big game hunting trips only in the best estates and natural reserves in the country.

International Hunting

La Nava has a wide experience in organizing the highest level wild boar hunts internationally both in Hungary and Turkey. Our international hunts are designed by a highly qualified team and always following our philosophy: exclusivity, discretion and excellence.

Hunting in Spain.


One of the most famous hunting traditions in Spain is what we call "Monteria", a big game driven hunt. This hunt consist in driving the game of the property with hundreds of dogs towards the hunters, who are staying in pegs. The season runs from mid-October to mid-February. La Nava organizes high-level monterias with a personalized service and always looking after the quality and quantity of the trophies, as well as the comfort of the stay. We are specialist in organizing monterias for reduced groups in between 5 and 20 hunters.


Stalking is probably one of the purest ways of hunting, as it challenges the hunter to approach the animal in its natural environment. La Nava organizes stalking hunts in the best properties of the following Spanish species:

  • ·Red Stag: Season goes from September to the end of February. The rut season is on September, which is considered the best month for stalking red stags.
  • ·Fallow Deer: The season goes from September to the end of February.
  • ·Mouflon: The season goes all y ear round.
  • ·Wild Boar: The season goes all year round.
  • ·Roe Deer: The season goes from April to September.
  • ·Barbary Sheep: The season goes from May to February.

Furthermore, we also organize the best Spanish Ibex Grand Slam that consists on hunting the 4 Spanish Ibex Subspecies, which are Gredos, Beceite, Southeastern and Ronda. This Slam can be designed to be done in just one trip. The season for the Spanish Ibex hunting is from October until the end of June.

International Hunting.

Wild boar in Hungary

La Nava team is also specialist in organizing the best wild boars hunts in Europe. For those who prefer shooting driven wild boars, Hungary is an incredible destination. Here we organize drives for small groups (2-9 hunters) in fenced areas where it is possible to hunt high numbers of wild boars with great quality of tuskers. Turkey is the best option for those hunters who prefer stalking wild boars instead of driving them with beaters. Turkey offers great quality trophies of wild boars and a unique hunting experience by stalking them at night.