The World of Beretta

The American television program, World of Beretta, travels around the world looking for the best hunting estates. In this program, they reported on partridge hunting at La Nava.

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Hunting and Fishing

This documentary by ‘Hunting and Fishing’ tells the history of partridge hunting from the late nineteenth century up to the present day. For the production of this documentary, ‘Hunting and Fishing’ chose La Nava for the unbeatable quality of its shoots.

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International shooting tourism in Spain

A documentary by ‘Jara y Sedal’ (one the world's most subscribed fishing and shooting magazines) on the finest international red legged partridge shooting locations found in Spain, chose to use La Nava Estate for its film production, given the location's beauty and quality of its traditionally driven partridge shooting.

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Hunting, an economic engine

Spanish TV Channel “La Sexta” studies the direct and indirect influence of La Nava over the economic and social development of Castellar de Santiago. This town is the only one on the area with positive economic and demographic growth thanks to the employment that the hunting activity generates, demonstrating that hunting is an economic engine for countrified areas in Spain.

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